Ten Dries is looking for allies

Ten Dries has dreams that cannot be realized without the help of others. But Ten Dries has a lot to offer itself! That is why we are looking for allies:  volunteers , companies, organizations or other sympathizers, who can work together in the long term. For us, allies means giving and taking, and striving for added value for everyone.

We dream of ...

… Sports associations that give their sports achievements even more meaning through sponsoring actions.
… Companies that do business in a socially responsible manner in word and deed, in collaboration with Ten Dries
… volunteers who, through their efforts, offer children and young people new opportunities, and derive great satisfaction from this themselves
… allies who invest with us in the future of the children and young people at Ten Dries

And maybe our new ally wants…

… Inspired by testimonials from speakers of Ten Dries
… a meaningful and original team building by spending a day working together with the children and young people at Ten Dries
… using our meeting rooms in a beautiful, green environment
… with us thinking about other ways in which Ten Dries can also help him or her grow



Ten Dries receives subsidies, but dreams and needs are often greater than what the subsidies make possible. Then additional resources must be sought for resources, activities and infrastructure.

If you want to make a donation, this can be done on the donation account BE87 8900 1480 8594 .

You will receive a tax certificate from 40 euros. This allows you to recover 45% of your gift through tax relief.

Actions are also regularly organized to support Ten Dries.

Your donation helps to improve the work and is a heart for our youngsters and adolescents, employees and volunteers.


Do you have questions about allies or gifts at Ten Dries? Please feel free to contact Katrien Depuydt, communications officer and external relations. 
Mail: katrien.depuydt@tendries.be, tel .: 09 371 60 66, or via the contact form